My First Blog

When I thought about what to write/discuss in my first blog post my mind was throwing all these ideas and subjects at me, which was keeping me awake all night and giving me a right bloody headache, which is normally brought on by my scrummy 11 week old baby! So, I’ve decided to talk a little on what i will be blogging about and hopefully you enjoy the read with a cuppa and a bar of choccy! Everyone needs a bar of choccy 😉

When I decided i wanted to join the blogging world i had NO idea where to start! But from the help and advice from a couple of other lovely bloggers i follow i gained my inspiration. One lovely Mama you should all go follow is, www.Cyahflynn.wordpress.com  (you wont be disappointed, I promise!)

I hope I can inspire others like you have all inspired me and help along the journey of being a mummy, and what i have experienced and going to experience in the near future.

I like to think I am pretty outspoken and don’t beat around the bush when it comes to expressing my opinion, (we can all have one, right?) So be prepared for pure honesty and i apologize in advance for anything you may read that may offend you, i purely say what i think!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them!

G ximg_9229.jpg


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