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My Pregnancy Journey


So I thought I would rewind a few months (nearly 11 to be precise) and start from the beginning.

I remember when I first did our pregnancy test. Id felt ‘off’ all week and just couldn’t put my finger on it. It was about 2 o’clock in the morning on the 26th of November 2016 (yes i remember the date!) and I couldn’t sleep what so ever. Jonny was fast asleep, mouth wide open catching the flies as usual. It kept running through my mind that maybe i feel sicky due to a little seed inside so i decided to take myself off for a wee and do the dreaded ‘piss on the stick’. For those of you lovely women who have all done this particular wee, you will know how bloody slow time goes whilst your sat staring at this stick covered in your urine! Next thing i know it pops up ‘pregnant approx 2-3 weeks’! There i go, running into the bedroom switching the light shaking this pissy stick in Jonnys face, screaming ‘its happened we’re having a baby, we really are’! Now i don’t really know why i expected Jonny to jump up with joy, as after all it was 2am! Well he didn’t, he purely opened his eyes kissed me and said ‘i knew you would be, that’s the best news ever babe, now go to sleep and we will celebrate tomorrow’.  Uh!! I wanted to celebrate there and then haha hey ho, off to sleep Grace went, although i will admit i barely slept!

So obviously we were so so excited but I couldn’t help but kind of hate pregnancy! Already being body conscious it was a huge thing for me to then have my body changing massively! Along side this i had THE WORST morning sickness ever! Now i say morning, let’s be fair… when is it ever just morning sickness! It should be called ‘All bloody day and night sickness’, and by that i mean i genuinely had sickness all day and night everyday for the first 5 months! It was dreadful. Now I LOVE my food, me and Jonny are such foodies (who isn’t to be fair) but all i could stomach was… wait for it… MARMITE and ice lollies! Odd combination, i know!! Besides this i had such a bad time with constantly back and forth to the doctors and gynecologist due to bleeding throughout the pregnancy. So all in all i didn’t really enjoy the experience.

However the one part of pregnancy i bloody LOVED, was when we found out at 20 weeks that we were expecting a very healthy little BOY! Seeing him wriggle around on that scan is one emotion i will never be able to describe, we were so so in love with our little pudding already! One of my sisters has 2 little girls, and my brother has 2 girls also, so we were the first to bring a little boy into that generation of the family. Just amazing! Along with this another part of pregnancy which was amazing was when i started feeling my little boy kick and turn and stretch inside, it really is THE best feeling in the world. When i was pregnant with Charlie he used to get hiccups ALL the time, like sometimes it would be like 5 times a day! And strangely now at 11 weeks old he gets them all the time,bless him ❤IMG_9399

Will I do it all again?… Probably! (but not for at least 2/3 years)

Lots of Love

G xx








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