My Better Half

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So i decided to write abit about my better half, to give him some credit because i don’t really show my appreciation as much as i should (soppy post alert!). I really don’t think the men/daddys get enough credit and recognition when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood, and without them it wouldn’t all happen! (obviously).

So me and Jonny first met when he came to a wedding as an usher at the hotel i worked in. He was the typical drunk annoying usher who talks a load of crap cos hes drunk :’) But besides that i thought he was kinda good looking and wanted to have a good nosey! Soo i did a bit of digging and asking around and found out his name and did the typical ‘facebook add’ the next day. Cutting the long story slightly shorter, we started talking and got texting. He kept asking to meet for a coffee/drink and i did the typical ‘play hard to get’ and made him wait a little haha! Anyway, further down the line we met and i stayed over, and erm well we have been together ever since! (how romantic).

Now i feel a little bit sorry for Jonny, as i hold my hands up and admit i am a very stubborn person and pretty much say what i think so i can be a little difficult! (got to have a personality right 😉 ). However he has been the most incredibly supportive partner i could have ever imagined of having. I have put him through a couple of pretty scary experiences (one being labour) and we have also had to face other difficulties together too.

A few months after Jonny and I got together i got rushed into hospital with appendicitis. I have never been so scared (and i would say in so much pain but ive now gone through labour) in all my life, but Jonny just kept a brave face on, held my hand and stayed by my side the whole time. His face was the last i saw prior to the surgery to remove my appendix and the first when i woke up 4 hours afterwards. I was kept in hospital for a week and every single day he was there from 8am-11/12pm with out fail. I can honestly say i could not have got through it without him. I then had to rest to recover and he did everything for me, and i mean EVERYTHING! And by that i mean, got me dressed, got me in and out of bed, and.. wait for it… helped me with going to the toilet! He was like my personal doctor bless him. (Sorry for the gross pic)IMG_6381

We had many nights away, meals out, a holiday and began to make the most amazing memories together as a new couple. Then we were hit with the unexpected news that we were expecting our first baby. Now this came to us as a shock as we weren’t ‘trying’ for a baby at all and i was on contraception. We soon came around to the idea of having a child together so soon and began to really love this little bundle. And then we were hit with what felt like a double decker bus full of bricks:'( Again, cutting the long story short and not to go into too much detail, we were then faced with me in hospital yet again after finding out our baby had no heartbeat anymore and had sadly passed away, so I had to have an operation to sort everything out. I cannot and will never be able to put into words how heartbroken and devastated we were. I have never ever sobbed so much in my life. Why us? Why our baby? What had we done so wrong in life to deserve something so horrific? And once again, Jonny was my absolute rock! Yes, he cried and yes he was grieving just as much as i was, but somehow (i have no idea how) he put this brave face on and stuck by my side every step of the way. He told me how proud of me he was, how much he loved me and how we were going to get through this however long it took.


I really think baby loss/infant loss and miscarriage should be spoken about more. It can happen to anyone, and it really shouldnt be ignored. They say 1 in 4 women will go through the awful loss. That is ALOT of women. ALOT of families going through the heartbreak, therefor i think it should be spoken about more. I understand some women and families may not want to talk about it which is absolutely fine and i respect their opinion but my opinion is it should be spoken about more often.

So after all this we were then graced with the lovely news at the end of last year that we were expecting again (with our little Charlie). I aren’t going to go into detail about this pregnancy because i have already wrote a blog where you can read about it here. But Jonny was again incredibly supportive throughout, especially with me constantly worrying about the ‘what if we loose the baby again’.

The final thing i want to mention (ive bragged about him too much now haha) is how supportive and brave Jonny was for me throughout the labour of Charlie. I don’t want to go into detail because i am going to do a separate blog post on my labour (be prepared) but lets just say, from going into early labour 2 weeks prior and then a failed induction at 37 weeks resulting in an emergency c-section, he did not batter an eye lid or go home or leave my side. It is so hard to take time out of work when you have your own business but Jonny found a way to take time out and put his business to a side just so he could be the supportive partner that he is.

Soooooo….. If you are reading this Jonny (you better be ;)) i just want to say THANK YOU for everything you have done and still do for me. You are one in a million and me and Charlie are extremely lucky to have you :-*


Lots of Love

G xx



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