Emergency C-Section-My Birth Story

Charlie Thomas Wilson – 15th July 2017 – 6lbs 13oz

I have mentioned in previous posts that I will be writing about my birthing experience.. so here it is! I will try not to go into too much detail because i find it quite personal and it was very traumatic for myself and Jonny. However the detail i will be going into will be graphic and honest… soo don’t say you havent been warned! I will keep it as short as i can, but it was quite a long process.


So i was 34+4 weeks pregnant and it was the Sunday Jonny’s parents were coming round for lunch. I had struggled to sleep all night due to being mahooosive and not able to get comfortable. Anyway, fast forward on to about 9pm and i was so uncomfortable. For whatever reason i decided that i needed to go pack my hospital bags as i just felt like something wasnt right. There i was sat on the floor of the nursery when i felt like id wet myself. Not a lot but something definitely happened. After ringing the labour ward and getting bags ready, at 10.30pm we were in hospital on the labour ward. I was in a bed with a monitor on so they could see what was going on. The midwife came and said them dreaded words ‘I need to do an internal examination as i think you are in early labour’. So there she goes, gloves on torch shining to my womanhood and says are you ready? I mean come on… am I ready? Is anyone really ready for a midwife to shove her hand up your said womanhood?… Anyway, after lots of examinations i was told i was 2cm dilated and 3/5s engaged. Following this result i had to stay in hospital for a week and was given a course of steroid injections (that feel like you are being stung by a gazillion bees at once) to help mature Charlies lungs in case he did make an appearance early.

After being in hospital for the week I was sent home as i wasn’t dilating any further and i was pretty sick of no sleep and the constant sound of beeping monitors. I saw a midwife every 3 days to monitor my progression and so they could keep an eye on the baby to make sure he wasnt getting stressed. Unfortunately for me i stuck at 2cm and 3/5s for a further 2 bloody weeks! It was agonising and so stressful. I was further referred to see a consultant due to the lack of progression and constant pain. The consultant decided that they were going to induce me to get me out of pain and help me because the baby was ready but my body just wasnt cooperating. I had been measuring over the whole of my pregnancy so they weren’t too worried about baby being too small, and thought it was best to get him out as safely as possible.

15th July 8am- We were back in the maternity ward waiting to be taken to our labour room to be induced. The midwives were deciding on the best way to induce me as they needed to take myself and the babies safety into consideration. The decision was made to have my waters broken and to go from there. We were taken to our room and the nicest midwife came to break my waters. THE most uncomfortable thing ever, but after 15 minutes of her trying she finally broke them and Niagara falls came gushing out (well it felt like that anyway)! We were then told to go walk the stairs of the hospital for an hour to see if things get going. Obviously it was just my bloody luck that it did NAFF ALL! Cutting the chit-chat out, I was put back on the bloody monitor and the drip was put in my hand and the stuff to induce me quicker was being pumped into my poor veins.

Things got very intense VERY quickly. Contractions were coming extremely quick and holy shit they hurt like hell! I was on gas and air on the birthing ball rocking to try help with the pain whilst the midwife was constantly telling me to move positions due to still being connected to the monitor to keep an eye on the babies heart rate and the strength of the contractions. After roughly an hour I was in agony, back on the bed screaming in pain due to the contractions. Now my contractions were coming every minute lasting 45 seconds giving me a 15 second breather. I know it sounds horrific and i apologise if any pregnant mummies are reading this and shitting themselves, but i am being honest i have never felt pain like it! My contractions were so strong it was making my body push. I couldn’t control what my body was doing whatsoever and it was making me push every minute. Now if i wasnt already in enough pain, a midwife came to do another internal examination to see if i was fully dilated… and yep, you guessed it… was a fluff!!! So because i was contracting so much and my body was making me push, the baby was getting pushed into the birth canal however i wasnt fully dilated so he was getting stuck and very stressed out. His heart rate was very up and down and after over 3 hours of contracting being on gas and air and totally out of it, i remember looking up from my partner to seeing about 6 different doctors/midwives in the room all looking slighlty concerned and whispering to eachother.

I don’t really remember much as even though it was roughly 4 hours of hell it seemed to go by in a blur. The next thing I heard was a surgeon say ‘get her to theatre now, she needs to have an emergency section, the babies heartrate has dropped.’ I now know this is because the babies heart rate had dropped dangerously low due to being stuck in the birth canal and because his chord was tangled so they needed to get him out ASAP.

The next thing I remember is seeing around 15 different doctors/surgeons/midwives in a huge room that was really really bright and i was sat on a bed hunched over a pillow screaming in a midwifes face in agony. Now the midwife was constantly saying to me ‘you really need to stay still love, the anaesthetist needs to pop the epidural in and you need to be dead still otherwise it can paralyse you if it goes wrong’. Imagine being told this, whilst still contracting, whilst in absolute agonising pain and being fricking terrified with what was about to happen. Yeh, I wasnt very polite to her lets say that! (i did apologise to said midwife after the op).

The next part went pretty quick again. I was laid on a bed with tonnes of people looking over me checking if I could feel anything, which i couldn’t! Honestly i couldnt feel a bloody thing from my chest down.. it was the most bizarre feeling in the world! The one thing i did feel was pure anxiety. I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea where Jonny was and i kept asking for him but they needed to get monitors on me and drips in me ready. Once all this was done he was in his scrubs right next to me.

The screen went up above my tummy so we couldn’t see anything and they began the operation. I started to feel tugging and the weirdest sensation in the world but felt no pain. It was a very traumatic and stressful time but I just wanted to hear my babies cry and know that he was okay. After what i think was around 20 minutes of tugging and whatever they were doing at 23:46pm on the 15th of July they suddenly pulled out my baby and hearing his little cry was the best sound ever! We had a baby!! I just wanted to see him. what did he look like? Did he have lots of hair? They took him to the other side of the room to weigh him and check everything was okay with our little baby. The umbilical cord was still attached to the placenta and once he had been checked over it was time to clamp the chord and Jonny did the honours (however he said he would never do it again as he didn’t like it, but that was because he had to walk past me cut open and saw pretty much everything).

The next part was AMAZING and I will remember it forever. Our baby, our gorgeous little boy was brought to me and his face was put to mine. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was. How much hair he had! And how much he looked like his daddy! Our little Charlie, i couldnt believe how perfect he was and how much love i suddenly had for this little tiny boy. Jonny was then given Charlie and taken into the room next door with a midwife whilst i had my organs put back in place and stitched up. This was the hardest bit, i just wanted to hold my baby for the first time! I just wanted to feed him.

After surgery was over and I was all sorted i was put onto a different bed and taken into the room where my two boys were. Seeing Jonny holding Charlie with THE  proudest smile on his face melted my heart. I was then given Charlie for some skin to skin and i just couldn’t help but cry. I cannot describe the feeling but i have never felt so much love in my life! I was then able to breastfeed Charlie and it was amazing. I was absolutely shattered and really hungry, so our lovely midwife (who’d id previously told to feck off) went to get myself and Jonny a sugary cup of tea and a pile of toast and jam! I’ve never been so excited for a cup of tea haha.

We were kept in hospital for a further week as I needed monitoring after having the section and Charlie needed to be kept in to make sure he was regulating his body temperature on his own okay and also because he had low blood sugars on one day so needed to have a little boost of formula to get it back to normal. After this he was absolutely fine, feeding fab and just bloody gorgeous.

I can honestly say I would not have been able to get through it all without the support from my amazing partner, Jonny. He stayed by my side every second and put up with my crying, screaming, sickness and the stress of the operation and didn’t even bat an eyelid. He kept so calm and reassured me every single minute i needed it! A huge thank you to him, and obviously the midwives, surgeons and all the other doctors involved in the process.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of our little boy Charlie.


Love G xx

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