Emergency C-Section-The Recovery


The recovery from a C-Section is HELL! I wanted to do a blog post on the recovery as a lot of people couldn’t believe how tragic and horrific it was. I talked about the reasons behind me having to have an emergency section in my birthing story.. you can read that HERE.

So, as I mentioned in the birthing post, i had to stay in hospital for a week following the birth of Charlie. This was something id said from the beginning of my pregnancy that i really didn’t want to do… but what ever goes to plan eyy?! So yeah, we were kept in for various reasons. After having the C-Section is was bed bound for 24 hours. I had  Catheter in so i wasnt having to get up to go to the toilet as i couldn’t walk.

The Nurses/midwives and Jonny were absolutely fab helping me pick Charlie up and put him on me to feed as I literally could not move. They were constantly dosing me up on pain relief as after all i had just had my whole gut, muscles, tendons and everything else sliced open like a bloody slaughter-house so without the pain relief i would have really struggled.

Now the thing with the recovery of a C-Section is that they encourage you to get up and walk to the toilet on day two after you have had the catheter removed. I remember when the midwife came and said.. ‘Come on dear, out of bed, let’s go walk to the toilet’. I looked at Jonny with the ‘is she fecking crazy’ look! So, it took me about 20 minutes to sit up and stand up out of bed. Along with this came another gush of what felt like Niagara falls, but the midwife reassured me no, my waters hadn’t broken again, I wasnt having another baby. It was just blood…NICE!
So off i went clinging on to the midwife. Holy fluffing Shit! I couldn’t walk. I was like chuffing Bambi learing his first steps but on pissing ice!! And to make matters worse the pain suddenly hit me… it was like i had been run over by roughly 50 double-decker buses all at once. (i mean i have no idea what that feels like but im pretty sure this was close)! So it took me and the midwife roughly 45 minutes to walk to the toilet which was about a 20 second walk away, have the smallest wee and walk back. It was torture.

IMG_9458 (Edited)

During the week in hospital, I was constantly dosed up with medication to help ease the pain, i had to walk to the toilet every time and yes it was horrific but it gradually got the tiniest bit easier. And by the sixth day, i managed to walk to the loo on my own. Yes, it took a while but i did it. I could walk again!! WOOOHOOO!

It came to our last day and I was finally told we could go home. They were super happy with my progress and healing was coming along nicely, and they were really happy with Charlie. I suddenly got this anxiety feeling come over me. I had been dying to get home all week and was so fed up of being stuck in hospital, but all of a sudden i didn’t want to leave. I was so nervous. Mainly because it suddenly hit me that Charlie is now going to be dependant on me and Jonny. Not me, Jonny and the midwives! They had helped me all week overtime i needed it. One midwife sat with me one evening from 1am in the morning through till 5am… 4 whole hours! because i had sent Jonny home to get some rest but i needed to feed Charlie and because of the procedure i was limited to what i could do, so needed someone to pick Charlie up and pop him on me to feed and help hold him there whilst i did so. So the thought of going home and taking a brand new little life with us began to really freak me out. Yes Jonny was going to be there but with him having the business he wasnt able to take the usual 2 weeks paternity. (the joys of self employment), so it was just me, no midwives around.


Anyway, we got all our things packed up and went through all the discharge papers with our midwife and it was time to go home! Fast forward a few hours, we were home and settled and ordered a takeaway for tea. Charlie settled in so well at home. My dreams had come true.  My own little family. All safe and sound.

Holy Shit, it got difficult. The pain I was in constantly was just horrific. When i say its like been hit by a trillion buses, i really mean it! It is excruciating.

Not only that but i could feel myself getting super low and not enjoying my tiny baby as much as i wanted too. Dont get me wrong i absolutely adored him and the amount of love i gained was huge! But i couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t do what i wanted to do 😦
I couldn’t Pick him up. I couldnt change his nappy. I couldnt walk about with him. I couldnt rock him to sleep. I couldnt do bloody naff all apart from sit there with him latched onto me feeding and that was it. And then still i had to have help putting him on me. I was absolutely devastated and cried pretty much every day all day for roughly 2 weeks. BUT… my recovery was on the go and i was mending well so this feeling soon passed when i was more mobile and able to do more.

It may sound dramatic and exaggerated to some, but trust me it really isn’t. The pain is indescribable and having to rely on family to help you look after your newborn was very difficult for me because i had such a strong image of doing it all my self. I mean the support help and care i received from Jonny and family (especially my mum) was incredible, and i am super grateful for that. But it was really hard not being able to do anything to help me bond with my teeny little newborn.

IMG_9342Day 15 of recovery and i was able to go for a short walk round the block with Jonny and Charlie. This was super exciting as it was the first time of using our pram! Which we LOVE.. you can purchase one HERE. Following on from this i am now fully healed and recovered. I am still slightly numb in areas of my tummy but that is normal as all of my nerves were cut through so it will take time for them to heal fully.



The one bit of advice i would give to anyone who has or is having a section is
You HAVE to force yourself to walk unassisted. Even if it is just to the toilet or the kitchen and back, it helps! Yes, the pain that comes with the recovery of a section is dreadful. And i can honestly say it was on the same level of pain as the contractions, yet it didn’t come and go like they did, it was constant! And taking paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours did help take the edge off it, but my god if you go just a millisecond over that time bracket you feel like you’re in the slaughter-house again!

I hope i havent scared anyone too much. But as i have said before, i aren’t one to beat around the bush. Honesty is key and i really believe people need to know how hard it is to recover from a C-Section let alone having one of the bloody things!

Here is a picture of my scar now, 4 months on. You can’t really tell much but it goes right across the bottom of my abdomen, just under my knicker line, from one hip to the other!


Lots Of Love
G x





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