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Baby Wearing – Izmi Baby Carrier

I absolutely love being able to go for walks and adventures on a weekend with my little family. Sometimes we like to go to places like Dalby forest woods, or the local beach which can be a little difficult with a pram/pushchair! And now that Charlie is a little older (6 months) he is very inquisitive and nosey and loves to see what is going on around him.
However, this has been made sooo much easier with the Izmi baby carrier

I have teamed up with the amazing company Cheeky Rascals in collaboration with the Izmi carrier and I couldn’t love it more if i tried!

Firstly, the Izmi carrier enables parents to enjoy the soft comfortable feel of a cotton sling carrier but with the strong support and comfort of a buckled carrier. Combining the likes of a sling and buckled carrier together they have designed this amazing product!

Along with this, the carrier has wide straps enabling you to spread them evenly over your shoulders and back, giving you full comfort and support. It is so easy to use and you don’t need another adult to help you get your little one in. (It does come with instructions which are super easy to follow).

It is really lightweight and easy to fold up making it no problem to take anywhere with you in case you fancy strapping your little one onto you to see the world, and it even comes with its own little travel bag! The carrier also comes with a little padded ‘booster seat’ for when your little one is newborn and needs lifting a little. This is easily added to the carrier and just as easy to remove. IMG_1708

Near the top of the carrier where your babies head would be, there is an extra bit of material which is to support your babies head in different positions. I love this little feature as you can un-pop it when your baby is ‘world facing’ so that it isn’t covering their mouth and face and they are able to chatter away to the birds and trees 🙂
With it being made of fabric it is super easy to clean and machine washable!
The carrier comes in lots of different colours rather just the usual black. All very unisex colours as well!

Overall I am really happy with my Izmi Carrier from Cheeky Rascals and would definitely recommend it to anyone! We LOVE it ❤️ So make sure you go check them out now!

Lots of love


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