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My Lavender Sun- Collaboration

Hello you gorgeous followers! I hope you are all well, and that horrible snow has finally disappeared.

As you have probably guessed by the title, today’s blog is in Collaboration with the lovely MyLavenderSun.

Ever since i had my little cherub charlie chops, shopping has changed massively!
I used to LOVE clothes shopping for myself and was constantly surfing the web to see what latest trends were out there.
Well how times have changed haha! Even though i still love to shop it never seems to be for me. Charlies wardrobe is constantly gaining new little numbers. You know those ‘ohh its only £2.50 in the sale, ill just get it he definitely needs another t-shirt’.

Well anyway, i came across my lavender sun and fell IN LOVE with their products. Up to date with the latest trends and just blooming gorgeous. After speaking to the lovely girls there we decided to collaborate and i was sent a couple of gorgeous numbers from there. Not only are they extremely affordable, the quality is amazing!

I received the items in size 6-12 months so they are a little to big for Charlie at the moment but these are the 3 products i received with links to each product;
Dinosaur Romper
Camo 2 piece Set
Mountain 2 piece set

Like i said, the quality is amazing and the selection they have is just endless! I would definitely recommend them so make sure you go and have a nosey at their products HERE.

I shall be uploading pictures of Charlie wearing these items once they fit him properly, so be sure to keep stalking My Instagram so you don’t miss out on the gorgeous pictures!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Lots of love
G xx

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